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Recycled Bottle Cap Jewelry

Bottle Cap Jewelry

My name is Claudia Cordova,

I make jewelry from recycled beer or soda bottle caps. I am from California and

I work for our local school district. After work this is what I do. My earrings sell for $10 a pair, necklaces, magnets or keychains are $5 each, bracelets are $20

Check out the different designs on the Photo Gallery Page

Custom orders are possible, email me or text me the image and I will send you a quote.

recycled, reused & repurposed

up cycled

I love that you can turn a used bottle cap into a tiny piece of art. These bottle caps are used, some have scratching and not all bottle caps are exactly the same. These are completely handcrafted and may have slight imperfections, such as tiny bubbles in the gloss or the actual bottle cap may be slightly faded because a lot of these caps are saved from going to the landfill.